The end and aim of all Yogas is to realize Almighty God. Non -attachment is the basis of all the Yogas. The whole theory of Yoga is to go beyond the Body and mind. Yoga Changes the body and connect the inner soul and develop concentration.


Pooja Yantras

Daily Divine mother with Sarva Devatha Preethi Pooja at 11 am. Pooja can be performed on your Birthday and your desires of health, wealth and prosperity can be fullfilled. Call in advance (previous day) to the office. Prasadam will distributed to your place by post or personally you can be present at the pooja time and get the blessings of Deities.

Divine Mother Tripurara Sundari Rajarajeshwari Worship's

! Om Sree Para Sahkthiyai Namaha !

Pooja is a sacred ceremony to get blessings of divine energy. It helps to focus on our personal deities and tell our inner feelings and reduce our mental, physical, spiritual problems and fulfill our wishes. We suggest certain disciplines during pooja. For Purity of body, mind, one can say prayers with devotion and get blessings of divinity energy. Regular Pooja will be at 11am and if anyone want's it on their birth day or any other occasions we can arrange pooja /Fire ceremony (Homa) according to their needs and timings. We also do prayers for devotees and well-wishers living further away in their needs and dispatch the prasadam to them by post and couriers.


In the olden days people used to draw a yantra at the pooja place, on the ground or on a wooden board or metal piece, with rice flour or wheat flour or sindoor. This was very convenient but while doing pooja it can easily get erased. A longer lasting method was to make a yantra by engraving the yantra on a copper or brass plate. The rich class used silver or gold plates. They had to go through all this trouble because in those days there was no paper or printing. The metallic materials are used essentially to enhance the longevity and the visual presentation. In some cases, for certain specific purposes, yantras made of gold, silver etc are prescribed. Today, for regular, normal worship, the best is to get a good printed yantra and laminate it.

Yantra images

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